Our latest addition to the nursery wall stickers section today is our 'Space Adventure' transfers. Space and the universe have always been a popular decoration theme to use in your home on your kids bedroom walls as it always manages to create a stir for children of all ages, from toddlers to teenagers!

This collection of fantastic wall stickers has been designed using great imagination and the artistic detail is super high quality. The artwork used for these cute little wall graphics is exclusive to My Wall Stickers and you won't find it within any other store. Supplied on one big sheet there’s plenty of stickers for you to create a personalised piece of art on your wall. The colours are vibrant and will surely bring smiles across the board for all those get to view the decals.

Consisting of a large rocket, astronaut, UFO, planets and a whole lot more you'll have fun applying these stickers using your creativity as inspiration. Simply cut out the individual graphics from the sheet using a pair of scissors.

The transfers can then be peeled away from the backing sheet and applied to any smooth surface using the squeegee tool supplied. There should be enough designs on the sheet for you to completely make over a single wall no matter what size the room is!