We've now reached 500 wall stickers on our website! We're so proud to offer what we believe to be some of the finest content available on the internet for our little wall sticker niche and we're very proud of our trendy collection we must admit. There's so many unique designs that you'll find on our on-line store we are even amazed at what we've been able to produce! To be honest there's many more fabulous designs in the pipeline and we're very excited about adding them to our site in the not too distant future.

We really do like to keep adding more and more sticker designs to our vast catalogue and to be honest wild horses would have to drag us away from doing so! From the humble early days of My Wall Stickers back at the start of 2010 we had around 100 wall stickers to offer in our on-line shop. This was merely a collaboration of hand picked designs that we had carefully arranged to launch our new business with. Some of the favourites we're present such as flower wall stickers and some wall quotes but that was about it.

On average we add around 15 to 20 brand new exclusive wall stickers to our website each month. We're always on the look-out for any new trends or decorating sytles and we try to produce wall art that fits in with modern home life. You can imagine now that having 500 designs to choose from within our on-line store you may think that we're running out of ideas but it's really only the start! We'd like to think that we have a fresh approach to the home decoration industry and that we contribute to the best of our abilities with regard to offering fresh self adhesive décor solutions to homes up and down the country. We even supply to many schools, hospitals and even prisons! It just goes to show that a wall sticker can brighten up any plain space in any type of room and with prices as keen as they are on our website why would you not want to decorate in this way?

During the daily practice of making top quality wall stickers at wall sticker HQ we see a good mixed selection of our wall stickers being purchased. There isn't really one single design that sells more than any other as our customers are purchasing through the entire range which is good news as it proves to us that our designs are popular right across the board.

So here's a toast to the first 500 designs and we hope to keep up the good work and keep churning out great looking wall art stickers for many moons to come so keep an eye on this space. It's taken us over a year to put together the collection you see only a mouse click away as a lot of time is kept aide for keeping our customers smiling! We'd rather produce 10 beautiful designs over 10 weeks than 10 bad ones in a single day, quality over quantity wins.