Bring your home out of winder hibernation with our top 10 Spring cleaning tips with a little help from My Wall Stickers.

spring clean your home

1 Clean your home starting upstairs and working downstairs, inside then outside. Doing this will avoid parts of your clean home getting dirty again.

2 Finish one room at a time. You don't even have to do a whole room, just one area will do, you'll be surprised at the difference only 10 minutes can make. Seeing the positive effect it has on the room this will inspire you to keep on going and complete other areas of the house. The pleasing effect this has on the eye when certain areas are seen to be tidy will make it all feel like it's worth the hard work!

3 As you tidy your home, to make your efforts more efficient and to reduce moving from one place to the next, concentrate on one area for your rubbish and deposit all of your unwanted items in one spot ready to be scooped up and thrown away at the end of your tidy-up. Throwing away old clothes and clutter will free up living space in your home and give you a feeling of warmth knowing that you have a tidy home again. Note this is not a blank canvas for you to build up your clutter again!

4 Multi-task! As you're hoovering or clearing out the wardrobe of unwanted clothing have the washing machine on a cycle or the dish-washer going. Make the appliances work with you in your efforts to spruce up your home.

5 Finish old DIY jobs that have been getting the better of your conscience such as that broken towel rail or wonky shelf. You'll feel better for ding this and more motivated to completing other tasks around the home. If you're not confident about tackling any home repairs get a handy man into help you.

6 Protect your hands and skin while cleaning your home. Many household cleaners may state that they're a non-irritant but you'll be surprised what they can do to your skin and nails. Purchase a good set of rubber gloves and set these aside for your home cleaning only. Once done store them with your other cleaning items ready for use another day.

7 Dust and polish before you do any vacuuming or even clean the floor. Feather and lambs-wool dusters are perfect for this task and can be purchased in large sizes which is handy in making sure you can get to those hard-to-reach areas in your home such as at the top of windows and right into top corners of a room helping you eradicate those unwanted Spring cobwebs that seem to appear so frequently this time of year. Old shirts and duvets just for example make great items to wipe your tops and furniture with. Any old materials such as household rags can be used and then thrown away. It's better to get some use out of them rather than simply discarding them.

8 Make sure you buy floor mops with the twist and squeeze section. Rather then the old traditional style these types of mops can be rung-out completely in your bucket allowing for a much cleaner finish on your floor. These style mops are perfect for vinyl or even floor tiles. This type also prevents dripping and unwanted bacteria or the like staying on the mop, instead it's all removed with one simple twist and squeeze action at the end of your cleaning session. They're also a lot easier to store.

9 Do a little bit every day. We know after a hard day at the office the last thing on your mind is to do any house work but even 5 minutes a day can free up your weekend more as generally completing 5 minutes here and there can really make a difference. Just think of it as an hour less at the weekend you have to spend doing the jobs you don't really enjoy and an hour more of doing the stuff you really do enjoy!

10 Identify the clutter hot spots in your home and keep a keen eye on them. These can be areas such as the clean clothes ready for ironing mounting up on the kitchen table or shoes piled up near the front door. This really is for any area in your home that soon becomes untidy and requires your attention to keep it clutter free and clean. You could even introduce a new rule such as shoes off by the front door or no clothes clean or dirty to be left in this area. Try it and see how you get on, you've nothing to loose.

We could actually help you with the shoes off policy. Have you seen your 'Shoes off please' wall art sticker? This neat little design can be added to any wall or even a door and it'll politely tell your guests to remove their shoes before entering your home.