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Date added: 02/03/2011 Dandelions in the breeze

We've added a nice looking dandelion wall sticker to our collection today and it's a design that's exclusive to My Wall Stickers. The size of the sticker is 120cm tall by 83cm in width so is sure to make any plain wall look unique. You can purchase this wall sticker in any one of our 18 great colours and is sold complete with a vinyl squeegee to make fitting a real breeze (no pun intended!) long with a great set of easy to follow instructions, enjoy!

dandelion wall sticker

All of our wall stickers on our website are on special ofrer at the moment being reduced by 20% so there's some savings to be had. You'll be able to decorate your home in a fun, quick and easy way that is completely mess free and low cost, what could be better? All of our wall stickers are completely removable and won't damage your wall in any way.