What are wall stickers made from?

This is a common question that is asked often by our customers. Basically we manufacture our wall stickers from a substance called vinyl. Vinyl is a plastic that is formed into thin sheets and then we cut out your wall sticker patterns out of this plastic by using a vinyl cutter. We design all of our wall stickers using specialist design software first and then we we send this information to our vinyl cutter or plotter.

Specialist design software used to design wall stickers
Specialist design software used to design wall stickers

This is what s vinyl cutter looks like. You can see that a coloured sheet of vinyl passes through this machine and a cutter head controlled by a computer will cut our your wall sticker design from the vinyl:

vinyl cutter used to manufacture wall stickers
A vinyl cutter

A vinyl cutter is controlled by a computer. The cutting head on the vinyl cutter has a small 45 degree blade inserted so it can cut the vinyl to shape. Once the cutter has cut out the pattern for your wall sticker we then remove the vinyl from the cutter and remove the excess or unwanted vinyl from the sheet, this process is called weeding, see pic:

Weeding vinyl in the process of making wall stickers
Weeding vinyl in the process of making wall stickers

As you can view from the picture above the excess vinyl has now been removed displaying your wall sticker design and the waxy release backing paper that holds the wall sticker together, but we’re not finished yet! A top layer of film called application tape needs to be applied to the wall sticker to protect it from damage during it’s storage time and most importantly to aid in the application onto your wall.  When you go to apply your new wall sticker the waxy baking paper will be removed leaving the wall sticker stuck to the application tape. Once the wall sticker has been applied to your wall the application tape will be removed thus revealing your new wall sticker.

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