How to create a focal point in a newly decorated room

If you read any home decorating magazine or website, you will usually see advice telling you of the importance of creating a focal point when redecorating a room.

In short, this refers to a feature in the room which draws the eye as soon as a person walks into the room. This will help you to plan the rest of the room décor and layout around the focal point, to come up with a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing design. Focal points also help to give a room character and depth.

Examples of focal points include:

• Fireplaces
• TV sets and entertainment systems
• Large plants, sculptures and water features
• Wall art

Some of these more traditional focal points can be expensive to achieve, but there is a way you can create a focal point in a room far more cheaply and easily. Wall art stickers make ideal focal points, especially large designs which immediately catch the eye.

The best way to use wall stickers to create a focal point is to keep the rest of the décor neutral, so that the sticker stands out. Choose a large decorative design and place it in a prominent position in the room, ensuring there is plenty of space around it so the design can create maximum impact.

Will Plane


Owner of My Wall Stickers, self adhesive decoration wall art for home and office.