Elegant flower designs can set the scene

For the very beginning we’ve always been fascinated with flower wall art stickers and how the most simple design can make such a visual difference applied to any plain looking wall. Flower graphics cover such a vast spectrum of different designs that in turn can easily be translated in the form of a vinyl sticker produced in any matt colour to match your existing décor.

Our flower decal category consists of over 60 amazing designs that you can order in a size and colour that suits your home perfectly. Some of the transfers on offer are dandelions, gerberas, daisies, pretty petals and a whole bunch more.

We even stock full colour printed flower stickers that are made from high resolution photographs, you’ll be amazed at the end result as the life-like finish is truly outstanding and a great way to style your home.

With prices starting from under £10 and a whole host of designs, sizes and colours for you to choose from there’s never been a better time to add some floral wall art in your home. Some of our customers simply order a small motif to add interest to a particular section of their home while others go all out and like to add a main focal point by using one of our larger designs, the creativity is all yours!

Will Plane


Owner of My Wall Stickers, self adhesive decoration wall art for home and office.